About Us

Hello Everyone,

I am Anara Zainab belong to Gilgit Baltistan, Pakistan, one of the places that captivate people because of its natural beauty. Being part of such an aesthetic beauty place, I always strive to get new knowledge and implement that knowledge practically. I started my career as a tutor and then became a content writer. I worked for a year in this field but felt it necessary to initiate my website to serve people through my knowledge. So this motivation led me to start my website, “APK Hanger.”

In today’s world, people get more isolated because of their online work, so they need apps that become a source of entertainment. APK Hanger is a platform that can be the reason for similes on thousands of people’s faces as it allows users to download free Apps. These Applications include Games, TV, Video and Photo editing Apps, and many more. With one click on APK Hanger, you get all these Apps on your Android device. It is where you will find the Apps that do not need a subscription and provide premium features without costing a single penny.

APK Hanger is launched on the policy of mutual benefit, so you will always find valid, fast downloading, and bug-free Apps and their links. The articles about the Apps will give you complete guidelines about what the app is, how it works, what its features are, and how you can download it. The app’s content is specially written for you so that before downloading the app, you will know what the app is about and will not make mistakes in downloading.

In conclusion, our website’s prime purpose is to help our users get the best apps to help them make their work easier. We are providing many applications that can be the source of income for people who have degrees but not jobs. We aim to provide every comfort for users so that they happily spend their lives.

Best regards, stay in contact with our website, “APK Hanger” and get the apps you need.